Spoiler Policy

The Wandering Lostie’s Spoiler Policy is as follows:

WHEREAS the rise of DVRs and online viewing means more and more viewers are not watching televisions shows as they air live; and

WHEREAS that is an individual decision no broadcaster, tweeter, Facebooker or blogger can anticipate; and

WHEREAS most stories are best experienced as a surprise; and

THEREFORE The Wandering Lostie considers the first live broadcast of a television show to be the public unveiling of its content; and

THEREFORE The Wandering Lostie defines a spoiler as the publishing of content relating to a show or episode before the content has been broadcast; and

THEREFORE once a show has aired, the discussion or revelation of any content therein is no longer a spoiler; and

THEREFORE The Wandering Lostie is not a spoiler site; and

THEREFORE it is an individual’s responsibility to avoid spoilers; and

THEREFORE The Wandering Lostie will not issue “Spoiler Alerts” or any such warning in advance of a discussion of content already broadcast; and

THEREFORE complaints from readers regarding discussions of already-broadcast content will be be moot.

The Victoria Grayson Clause.

The Wandering Lostie may, under the author’s judgment, issue spoiler alerts in, but not limited to, the following situations:

Casting news regarding existing characters whose fate is in doubt;

Casting news regarding new characters that may shed light on an existing character’s fate;

Comments from writers, producers, cast or others regarding upcoming episodes or seasons.


This policy applies to all material posted to The Wandering Lostie and Twitter posts linking to such material.
This policy may be updated at the author’s discretion at any time.

Adopted: July 22, 2013

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