House of Cards Season 4: Quick Review

The first episode stunk, let’s move on to the next. Here are my unedited notes from watching season four of House of Cards.

Chapter 41
I have a hard time believing a president would announce and then back a Congressional candidate in his state of the union speech. That’s not has bad as announcing the vote count in Claire’s confirmation vote backwards, at least not for this former political stooge. Pretty up yours move by Frank though – the kind of stuff that made the first two seasons enjoyable.

All of Frank’s machinations needed the people he was playing to be too dumb to fight at his level. Maybe this fight with Claire will give him an opponent who isn’t a dimwit.

She never did drink the whiskey.

That is some awfully smooth peanut butter!

Grab us a little bit of Clintons, a little bit of Putin. Inspiration is all around us!

Claire is an awful person. But for murder she might be worse than Frank.

Chapter 42
I’ve never thought about this but I suppose when you go into witness protection you can’t just do the same work you always did.

Where do I recognize the Congresswoman’s daughter from? South Carolinian? I would say South Carolinan.

I’ve never slept in anything with lapels.

This isn’t Seth’s fault, Doug. Get a grip.

I don’t have much faith in voters but I do like to think they wouldn’t hold a son at fault for his dad’s sins.

Whoa that’s what she just said! I should write for Hollywood.

What responsible campaign aide would put this guy in front of their candidate???

And then she said the same thing! Sending my resume to Hollywood now…

A re-enactor? Oh come on. This is absurd.

Meechum had a threesome with them. You don’t just betray that bond.

“You don’t get second chances in elections.” Boy ain’t that the truth.

Is she gonna suggest herself as VP?

Ahahahaha. That’s awesome.

Oh-ho score for Claire!

Chapter 43
Back on board with this show.

I feel something is going to go wrong with the Russian guy.

I was just thinking what Claire’s ultimate trump card could be. I feel stupid for not seeing it. This reminds me of a Djokovic-Nadal tennis match, two competitors battling it out from the baseline.

Aww Charlie Gibson. This is an excellent presentation. The foreshadowing here, again should have been obvious.

Wait until it gets out that Dunbar met with the guy and talked to the AG about him.

This guy is a 24 president! That is to say he’s a terrible president.

It’s so dry in my house. I need to run the humidifier. This has nothing to do with the show.

Hahahaha. This guy. Claire is redeeming herself after being such a bore last year.

Chapter 44
Oh that’ll be public Doug.

I wonder what it’s like, to sit across from the president and know he’s a complete idiot.

My opinion is they shouldn’t wait a day to divulge the news about the president. They can’t risk the Soviets leaking it. Would be a disaster.

Do we know why Remy left?

I love Doug. From “What the f*ck are you doing?” to wait what you can help me in the blink of an eye. Like I’ve always said: Hypocrisy is a virtue.

Do we really go on TV and pray for a healthy liver to make its way soon?

Oh now you’re pissing of Hammerschmidt! Hesch will find you!

This speech is so far out of line.

I don’t like Seth’s chances.

Almost. Dang it.

The look on Doug’s face when she said Tusk was here. I love acting.

I love this so now it’s Claire vs the administration and Claire has all the cards.

This reminds me of when Tony Soprano was in the hospital, only not quite as confounding.

Chapter 45
Is it just me or do all the sets for this series seem slightly cheap? Not a criticism. It seems like there’s one layer missing compared to other shows. Something to look into. And those green screens. Or maybe it’s the lighting. It’s always been flat on this show.

You know better than this, Doug. You’ll be tainting the whole rest of his life. Come on, man.

As Frank sits her convulsing I notice I feel like the show can go on without him.

What is this search engine thing?

What the? Where did that come from? Or was that tied to the search thing?

Dunbar just said it doesn’t matter if the president lives or dies. That’ll come back to bite her. She also sounds just as unhinged as what’s his name. Total disaster.

Is Petrov being human here or is he acting? He’s also treating Claire as far more of an equal than he ever did Frank.

He kinda looks like Russell Crowe with this white hair.

Chapter 46
Who are these people?

They need to do a better job of indicating how much time is passing. Now Frank is up making breakfast?

This reminds of how 24 would shift its storyline halfway through the season. Russia is gone, now we’re onto terrorists. I like it a lot, it keeps stories from dragging on too long.

Oh, he’s the opponent. What happened to the senator guy?

Goodness me this is a terrible character. I’ll put in my cover letter to Hollywood that I can write Republican characters.

Yes, we noticed he stopped before the Clinton portrait.

I knew she would be back. She’s source zero.

This livecast is a terrible idea. The guy is going online to say he’s running a mini-NSA. This will scare the sh*t out of people, they’ll transfer this guy giving up his privacy to them all losing theirs.

Are they hitting all these visitors with cookies for regathering and custom audiences?

Oh man that’s gonna do him in.

Chapter 47
You see how stupid these two guys are. That’s what I meant about Claire being on Frank’s level. She’s manipulating them now.

What the hell is going on here?

Two military guys on the ticket?

I’ll let you take it from here. Reading over them now, it’s neat to see my evolution toward becoming totally engrossed in this show again. What I enjoyed most about the first two seasons of House of Cards is that while it seemed to be about politics it was really about Frank and Claire’s marriage. More accurately, about Frank manipulating Claire into thinking they were equals. We all knew someday she would see through him, and that led to the sour memory of season three: Claire’s torturous path to realizing how Frank really saw her.

Season four gave us Claire’s elevation, and it was told expertly. The first half of the season showed her going round after round with him and not giving an inch. Then – and only then – could she make a believable ascent to being Frank’s equal. That’s what they are after his recovery: Equals. For the first time in the series, and maybe the first time in their marriage, they are co-dependent.

And they are more terrible than ever.

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