Big Little Lies Review: Wow does this show suck

HBO’s Big Little Lies starts with a view of the Bixby Bridge, so I’m thinking it can’t be that bad. I’m a sucker for anything set in California, it’s true. Bosch, 24, Goliath. I’ll like anything that’s set in LA. Except for NCSI: Los Angeles. I have standards.

This show doesn’t meet them. It’s garbage. Hot, hot, there must be an empty package of chicken in there and I should have emptied it before I left for work, garbage.

Did you see that movie Passengers? With Jennifer Lawrence and some beautiful guy? Remember how bad that was? How it was like, “Let’s make a movie about two beautiful people acting out some lines. Doesn’t matter what lines. Any lines. Add a space ship.” That’s Big Little Lies. But they swapped out the space ship for California and its Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Plus a Laura Dern character that is so stereotypical it makes, nah. Let’s not go there.

My theory is that Reese Witherspoon has never played a character with a personality that exists in the real world.Then again, you meet people in California who make you think, “Wow. That personality does exist. Hollywood didn’t just make it up.” Still, her character’s dialogue is so inauthentic that I can’t get past it to even care about her rolled ankle and her—get this—kid that is way smarter and more aware than a kid would normally be. Groundbreaking concept.

The first two episodes have this thing where they jump from the show to these interviews with the peripheral characters. We learn in the big reveal that they’re police interviews. Yeah, that’s the big reveal. They talk about someone who died but they don’t actually show you who died.

That’s supposed to be the thing? I’m supposed to wonder who died?

Did I mention someone choked a kid, and it might be another kid who’s psycho.

No, this show is terrible. The characters aren’t likable, hateable or interesting, which means they’re boring and you don’t care about them or the story they’re involved in. Which isn’t even really a story.

The only good thing about Big Little Lies is that the terrible character played by Laura Dern lives in the same house Nolan Ross lived in during season on of Revenge.

Oh, so this husband randomly loses his temper when talking about a kid losing his temper. That’s out of nowhere and there’s more of it in the second episode. It’s so forced. I can’t even write about this show anymore because it’s so bad. Life is too short.

4 thoughts on “Big Little Lies Review: Wow does this show suck”

  1. You make some ok points like the stereotypical Dern character and an HBO-Game of thrones like overuse of sex/nudity with Kidman and that guy, maybe. (But actually Kidman and him are acting very well. Even a child should recognize that). Witherspoon is obviosuly great too. So you make mostly rubbish points in an inconsiderate biased self-centered emotional way. So, you have your real-world Madeline right here fool. It is you.

    Anyway, I did a search for “big little lies suck” to seek confirmation. Instead I found the opposite. The truth is I was just expecting it would be more of a crime show then pure slow-paced drama (and mostly from female perspective). So I am not into it anymore after 3 episodes. Maybe that is your issue to. So you don’t have to be a dick just b/c the show was not catered directly to you. The world does not revolve around you, Madeline. Or are you being a Perry now too?

    Yes, there are some great shots of California and the ocean. But that gets old quick. Also, there are modern social aspects/commentary of this show that you are entirely ignoring.

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