Revenge wedding: Snap Reaction

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Revenge wedding snap reaction

Emily better be getting shot for real.

Catching the last scene of Once Upon a Time. This show disappointed me so much.

It’s going to start out with the scene. Excellent. Oh.

Lydia you.

“Vindictive harpies.” Dang, Conrad. You good.

How does Conrad miss that look on Emily’s face? It could turn stone to stone.

Why does she want Patrick back?

What’s Sarah’s role now? Does she comfort Daniel when Emily is gone?

I don’t really like Victoria any more. Her lines and everything feel over-the-top.

What was that? Is that how it happened or how Emily imagines it will happen?

Oh gawd, Jack, with the crying.

Why are you telling him this? He’s going to hate you, as he should.

If I’m Jack I’m tempted to blow the whistle on everything. I have nothing to lose.

I thought Nolan and Patrick were over?

This episode isn’t doing it for me so far.

Heeeeeeeeere’s Lydia! I like this. They kind of devil bonded over snaring a Grayson.

Media at the ceremony? BS.

“My almost sister.” This and Charlotte’s weird line last week are what make me tend to think she’s the shooter.

I am glad the ceremony is mostly an afterthought, though. Luke and Laura we do not need.

Who’s the guy behind Victoria?

Closed-circuit to Charlotte: Not an appropriate wedding dress.

I LOVE the flashbacks over Emily’s vows. Fantastic.

AND the choice for a close-up on Victoria during the announcement.

A 64-year-old bottle of Glenlivet? Pass.

“Mommy drearest” ha!

“Long live David Clarke.” What? What does Nolan know?

Closed-circuit to Lydia: The fortress of solitude needs your necklace back.

Revenge for the revenger?

Seriously Jack you are this stupid.

Nervous about what’s on this video…

Could be where it all goes wrong…

Lydia and Victoria will be trapped in there?

Guess not.

This is the most authentic conversation Emily and Victoria have had in a while.

Daniel looks drunk.

Daniel mad!

Hey that was a real shooting.

Aden isn’t out there to get her.

Fireworks during the shooting, just like the series’ first scene!

No, where’s Aden?

Get out of here Jack you dolt.

Is she gonna wash up dead?

Oh great.

(Based on the preview I may stop watching the show.)


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